What’s The Real Scoop On New TLD’s ?

While there are plenty of old and new registrars to sell you into new TLD’s, Does it make any sense ?
For those of us in the U.S. who already know that folks have a hard time accepting anything outside of .COM , the first reaction should be “what” and “what for” ?

So if you are a end user wanting to buy the domain just.click, you will find yourself at a loss when most will type justclick.com. The cost of overcoming this is probably more that just buying justclick.com. A good domain investor understands this already.

There are 3 groups of folks that may benefit from the new TLD’s

1. The Registrars will gain the most.$$$

2. Some end users that end up with a unique name that is not easily confused as something else.

3. A Small hand full of domain investors that buy those unique names that a end user will actually want. I would not expect the number of those names to be more than 5k domains per TLD at most. Figuring that 5 to 10 domain investors will probably end up with 90% of those great names if the registrar even releases them all at normal pricing at sunrise.

The whole concept of the new TLD’s was to be for someone like IBM to buy their own TLD like .IBM or .APPLE, .GOOGLE etc… This makes sense ! Someone with a established name becoming a TLD with that name.

If you are a domain investor,
I only ask you really consider if these names are going to have a value to a end user. If the answer is yes, and you can say specifically what kind of end user would want this and for what purpose, you “may” have a value if you can show the end user would not have a even better value with some other traditional gTLD.

What ever happened to .biz .mobi .info or .TV, .Me
Look at the valuations there for TLD’s that have been out there for 5 years or more and you will understand you can judge the future from the past. While .mobi will never get used as intended, I can’t understand with the innovation of smartphones and the “APPS” for them, why it has not come to fruit by now.

It is unlikely that you or I can change the set of facts before us. As much as we wish we could and would like to think otherwise, It is what it is.

The large questions I have and that keep me from entering the NEW TLD’s marketplace is…

Since I realize it is going to take 5 to 10 years to realize a decent value and I don’t expect with so many TLD’s on the market and many more yet to come, the registrars will be able to keep themselves afloat for that long when sales taper off and renewals decline in years to come. What happens to all of those domains when many registrars fail and no competing registrar wants to pick up the pieces.?

It is like buying a lottery ticket you don’t scratch off till after it has expired.

From a investment point of view, to much risk for to little gain. And I for one don’t need a new used car salesman trying to convince me otherwise. A opportunity has to be realized before it can be a missed opportunity.

Since I myself invest in future tech, I find it normal waiting 3 to 6 years to yield a great value… But I also yield a pretty good profit for that waiting.

Unless you are one of the 3 above mentioned, I would think a person could put their nickles in .US .BIZ .EU .INFO and do better, and faster that the new TLD’s.

It’s definitely not a newbie sport. But that is where the registrars will be making all their money… newbie investors. If you don’t have 3-5 years experience, stick with the beaten path. There are plenty of folks that have been doing it for more than 5 years and have yet to make any real profit year over year.

You need to break out your crystal ball and figure out what domains you can get cheap today, that will have value to a end user in the near future. That is investing. And it is the value to the potential end user that sets the price (in the case you have never figured that out). If you sell to another investor, he indeed thinks the value to a end user, at some point in the future, is higher than you are selling it for. But he could be left holding the bag if that user never comes to need it or for the price he has in it.

I fear many investors will be holding the bag with 99.99 % of the new TLD domains.

Since the gTLD’s domains have sold more to many a investor, less than 5% of domains that have sold to investors ever turns out to be something of value. Less than 1/2% are ever going to be worth more than $500 with gTDL’s. What makes 100’s of domain investors think they can beet those investment odds with new TLD’s for a profit is beyond me.

Perhaps there is strength in volume ?
I am reminded of a old saying from a new business owner…
“Sure we are loosing money, but we are making up for it in volume”


Money = Free Speech – How much do you have?

Just want to point out how the money = free speech issue has touched our everyday lives even if you don’t directly see it.

My Thanks to Rick Scwartz,  Michael Castello, Howard Neu for making a more outstanding point of Freedom and Free Speech.

Read the letter Mr Castello sent to Rick at Rick’s blog here

It is about the right for the capability of direct navigation from the user on the Internet. Or at least a choice to have that. Lets not confuse the issue. It’s about having someone else decide if they were really looking for your website or not.

You can never be herd on the internet if not found on the internet. Who decides that ? It’s a free speech issue. One worth fighting for.    Fight now or Pay for it later.

They plan to spearhead this effort at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in Las Vegas next month with an event for the ICA that will fund a very narrowly defined agenda

Like the Open Internet  VS  true Net Neutrality

Money = Free Speech – You have it or you don’t !

How Much Free Speech Can You Afford?

There are no in-betweens or half truths here.

I feel the money will win this issue and we will be left starting “Internet v2.0” to have Net Neutrality and let Comcast and Google and a few others OWN the Internet v1.0

The internet, you know the data stream where all points were to be equal and belong to the people. Managed by the FCC, it is turning out to  be anything but that.

Money talks and free speech walks.

Free Speech…    How much is in your wallet !


Is GOOGLE Stealing Your Keywords ?

Some background:

I have noticed many strange anomalies with search over the years. And found some searches down out things that were fairly obvious and natural search terms. But I have many (more than 25)  domains with the term GOGGLE in them (notice 2 G’s not 2 O’s) and although I have tried many things with them over the years, they never gained traction. When I ran searches with the domain name words separated, I almost always got GooGLE something or other in the two or three leading pages. Or the classic showing results for GooGLE xxxxx / xxxxx GooGLE.

I found this so profound that when duck-duck-go came along, I found a new search engine for my everyday searches. I do still use GooGLE, but when comparing the two sheds some light on many types of searches occasionally yielding surprising unlike results. FYI, I do about 100-200 avg daily searches and commonly use advanced search options to narrow the skewed results.

So I merely just parked the domains and waited as I knew the tech was to new to be searched for by the masses. However,  knowing that GooGLE was automatically assuming that any search for a GOggLE was a search for GooGLE, I have been doing timely screenshots of the search results in the case I had a problem in the future  (You need some documentation to prove your case in point).


Time has passed and the oncoming tech of 3D and VR is upon us.  I thought I would give the GOggLE domains  a new try. Just a very simple coming soon intro teaser to what I intend to be a fairly strong website…  VRGOGGLE.COM.  I have been planning this for years and the tech is about to be delivered. I am still seeking some partnerships to complete my venture, but that should not take to long to complete as the tech is on the horizon.

After just a week or two, DUCK-DUCK-GO, BING and YAHOO search engines all had it on top of the search results for the terms of “VR GOGGLE”.  But I could not find it in 6 pages and more of GooGLE search. However, you can see plenty of SKI GOGGLES then in the search results. And since Facebook’s  acquisition of Oculus, it presently shows plenty of results for Oculus Rift.

Now I’m not saying that the page deserves to be on page one GooGLE search but using the exact same methods with other domains in the past, it had exacting results with all engines including GooGLE. In fact GooGLE was the first to pick-up the new active domains.  I did document those also. Those domains did not have the keyword GOggLE in there name.

The Google Trends chart below shows all of the traffic going to vr gOOgle and NO traffic for vr goGGle and I put ar glasses to show the impending search types for google glass for proper proportions demonstration. What conclusions can you draw from this knowing the Oculus Rift VR Goggle is about to be released after Facebooks acquisition of them?Ever herd of VR GOOGLE ? I don’t think it exists.

Now I know they do things different at GooGLE, but I had the same approach with other domains in the past and all the search engines responded exactly the same. But with this keyword GOGGLE, no traction with GOOGLE. There is a hint at the bottom of the page of related searches… VR GooGLE… never herd of it. I’ll bet nobody ever searches for it but by mistake. A direct search of vrgoggle.com yields the domain as it is stated by google. And that it will show with the beginning tag line DO YOU MEAN DRGOGGLE.COM ?? Never herd of that either.

I also have the domain ARGOggLE.COM and 3DGOggLE.COM

Doing a search for AR GOggLE  will automatically yield results for AR GooGLE and resently 3D GOggLE search yields a more proper search for 3D Glasses instead of 3D GooGLE.

It is my opinion that GOOGLE has stole the keyword GOGGLE for years. And I have suffered for it. Currently, GooGLE Analytics shows all the search engine traffic for VRGOGGLE.COM comes from everyone but GooGLE. What would you think ???? And they are much more than 60% of all searches by themselves.

It is no wonder search giants toolbars that replace your URI line in your browser keep you from the true navigation control and most folks are not aware of it. I suguest you uninstall yours and go to website for searches. It only takes a moment to put search engine link in your LinkBar. Everyone wants to know what you type in.  But the results are often skewed or smothered ( I seen this during BP Gulf Disaster) . Strange because that is why I switched to GooGLE when they were new…. because that is what I got from the other engines… now it’s GooGLE and not the others ?

They think they know better than you if you made a mistake and correct it without a “major note” to that change. I would like to know I miss-spelled something. So how about not changing anything… then I will know if I made a mistake and not do it again if I did. Especially when what you type in OR should I say,  get results for, could convict you in a court case when the lines of truth can be made so grey.

The power of skewed results could have strong political ramifications.

I continue to document what has been happening and when I launch, I had better not be getting the same results. I will be more than a little angry as it will cost me quite a bit of money to overcome. And if I am not getting appropriate search results,  I’ll never yield enough money to pay for that overcome moment.

Has GooGLE been stealing your keywords?

A pretty hard thing to prove, but something here is obviously not right.